Jose vs. Interscope Records

Personal everyday use of social media and the way companies use it differ greatly. Interscope Records mainly uses the scope of Social Media to publicize their artists to gain marketing.With the promotions, it increases their overall profit by bringing in popularity and more sales. That is their main goal as a company, to make money so everything they do on the interwebs is mainly for the money.

I, personally use Social Media to interact with friends, share thoughts and important events in my life. I believe that Social Media is superficial but, as most teenagers I have a bad Social Media habit, staying on my phone for hours just scrolling the internet.

In a sense, Interscope Records and I are similar as we both use Social Media to share our “thoughts”; Music for them and literal thoughts for me. But overall the use of Social Media for a person like me is different because I am not using it to gain money nor publicize myself. I could consider it though; the way they use Social Media successfully kind of inspires me because in the marketing methods the use could help me later on in life when I want to sell a product or promote my own music and ultimately change how I use Social Media.


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  1. I’ve noticed that it’s very common that companies use social media to promote products and major events. However, I find it every interesting how they promote themselves on their social networking accounts. Good post, keep it interesting. 😉

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