Abel vs. Interscope Records

Interscope Records is a very famous company that uses media to  make their artists more popular and famous; they use media to produce their profit .  Every day they increase their profit to bring more publicity to their artists and gain more money. This is the main goal as a company  to get more publicity and more money to the company. I used media to chat with and also to share important events in my life. However, I really don’t use it every day. I use it sometimes because the internet is not  attractive to me. I think that people that use a lot of media are ignorant because they have their own life and only stay home sitting down and thats the problem with people. They get obese  just because they want to stay home using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Meanwhile people are using media, I am studying or play soccer because those thing are my future, not the social media. I think social media is stupid.