Abel vs. Interscope Records

Interscope Records is a very famous company that uses media to  make their artists more popular and famous; they use media to produce their profit .  Every day they increase their profit to bring more publicity to their artists and gain more money. This is the main goal as a company  to get more publicity and more money to the company. I used media to chat with and also to share important events in my life. However, I really don’t use it every day. I use it sometimes because the internet is not  attractive to me. I think that people that use a lot of media are ignorant because they have their own life and only stay home sitting down and thats the problem with people. They get obese  just because they want to stay home using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Meanwhile people are using media, I am studying or play soccer because those thing are my future, not the social media. I think social media is stupid.


Jose vs. Interscope Records

Personal everyday use of social media and the way companies use it differ greatly. Interscope Records mainly uses the scope of Social Media to publicize their artists to gain marketing.With the promotions, it increases their overall profit by bringing in popularity and more sales. That is their main goal as a company, to make money so everything they do on the interwebs is mainly for the money.

I, personally use Social Media to interact with friends, share thoughts and important events in my life. I believe that Social Media is superficial but, as most teenagers I have a bad Social Media habit, staying on my phone for hours just scrolling the internet.

In a sense, Interscope Records and I are similar as we both use Social Media to share our “thoughts”; Music for them and literal thoughts for me. But overall the use of Social Media for a person like me is different because I am not using it to gain money nor publicize myself. I could consider it though; the way they use Social Media successfully kind of inspires me because in the marketing methods the use could help me later on in life when I want to sell a product or promote my own music and ultimately change how I use Social Media.

Interscope Records

InterScope Records

Interscope Records, found in 1989 in Santa Monica, California is a Music Industry from parent company Universal Music Group Inc. that distributes mostly Pop, Hip-Hop, and Rap music internationally. They have a vast amount of talented artists on their label such as Lana Del Rey, Eminem, and many others, they are also the founders of Beats by Dre as Dr. Dre is a signed artist from Interscope Records.

Online, they handle themselves very professionally. Presumably, a team runs their accounts. On their website, they advertise their artists and on social media, interact with their fans and artists usually advertising music. They use Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Youtube, and Sound Cloud all to advertise their new hits and singles for the purpose of marketing.

Their Facebook is utilized to promote their artists new singles, music videos, and tours.

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Their Twitter is used to promote videos, tours, singles, and artists. They don’t interact with fans and use it purely for promotion.

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Their Tumblr is pictures of their artists presumably from instagram. It’s used mainly for publicity.

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Their Instagram is used to promote their media and show off lives of artists on tour and daily activities.

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Their YouTube account is for music videos to show the music of artists off in videos appealing to people and reels in customers for their music.

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Their SoundCloud account streams their artists music in portions for promotional purposes. It gives views which will also bring in customers for music.

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