Alexis vs. Tyler the creator

Tyler the creator uses his Instagram to put pictures of himself, friends, and advertisements. He use Instagram to post funny pictures,  to promote his music, tours, and his clothes. In comparison, I use my Instagram to put pictures about myself, my friends, and things I love. I also post about activities I participate in or where I am.

Tyler & I have similar activity in Instagram. I  use Instagram differently because I am not famous as a celebrity or going on tours like Tyler so I don’t post about weird things like him. Tyler the creator goes to different places and meet different celebrities. He doesn’t have time to check all of his followers pictures like I do. He’s not as interactive with his followers and fans. I admire his funny pictures, they are comical.


Tyler Beef

On Twitter, Tyler, the Creator has gotten into a lot of conflicts with other celebrities, the most recent one is with pop artist, Iggy Azalea by saying she stinks on 106 & Park; Iggy and Tyler then have a debate on Twitter later, with Tyler being controversial as usual.


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tyler iggy 2 500x344 Photos by hiphopnmore

He also had another conflict with Chris Brown some years ago, Chris Brown was attacking Hodgy Beats, a member of Tyler’s group OFWGKTA. Tyler was more upfront about this situation, subtweeting him and eventually @’ing him and bringing up how Chris Brown beat Rihanna.

Photo by Rap – Up



Tyler, The Creator

Photo taken by demxx

Photo taken by demxx

Tyler Gregory Okonma, known better as “Tyler, The Creator” is a contemporary rapper, clothes designer, actor, and unofficial comedian. He uses an iPhone to communicate on social media. He’s the lead of the group “Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All”, abbreviated and better known as OFWGKTA. His Twitter, Instagram, and the group’s tumblr and youtube are the most active sites. He uses them to advertise his group’s clothing brand, gum brand, and music with occasional jokes, trolling, and funny pictures here and there.

His Twitter (@fucktyler) has been really popular over the years. His constant publicity stunts, attacking other artists have gained him massive infamy and publicity. But now in current time, it’s used more for advertising.

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His Instagram (@feliciathegoat) is used mostly to post pictures of advertisements or comical content that appeal to the public

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The group OFWGKTA’s tumblr ( is used mainly to advertise the whole group’s events and music.

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The group’s YouTube is used to post music videos and comical videos, such as things they do around LA and excerpts from their TV show Loiter Squad.


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